How to Paint Loose Style Calming Watercolor Roses in 5 Easy Steps

Do you feel stressed sometimes even to paint? I know that feeling! But with loose style watercolor painting you don’t have to take any stress at all! It is a very calming way to wash your worries away! So today lets learn how to paint Calming Loose Style Watercolor Roses in 5 easy steps!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this is an exercise that can bring calm and joyful feeling whenever you feel stressed out or drained.

I will take you step by step and show you what all materials you need, colors you need and the reason behind choosing those colors and all the steps.

Are you ready for a therapeutic painting experience? Grab your materials and lets go on a calming painting adventure! In just 5 easy, simple and calming steps you can paint these beautiful soft looking roses!

What is Loose style Watercolor painting?

How to Paint Calming Loose Style Watercolor Roses in 5 Easy Steps

Is is an abstract style of painting with very loose strokes and flowy technique. It is a more relaxed artistic expression. Loose style focuses on free way of painting with no stress on fine details. Artists use wet on wet more for a more calming and soft painting experience.Loose style painting is very expressive that can help you play around with colors, explore the colors and enjoy the medium! It focuses on soothing brush strokes, simplified shapes, limited palette and an expressive approach. You can also check this guide for more.

6 reasons Why is painting in Loose style a calming experience

  1. You can let go of perfection and explore your creativity. There are no rules here so you have all the artistic freedom. This makes the whole experience calming and stress free.
  2. It is like mediation and helps reduce stress and anxiety as you don’t have to focus on details, worry about realism or work on intricate detailing.
  3. Provides artistic freedom as there is no right or wrong way of painting, you are free to play around and explore the colors, shapes and brush strokes.
  4. Painting in loose style encourages one to go with the flow and embrace the mistakes as you do not aim to control the colors. This helps you get rid of the feeling of frustration when the colors behave in their own way! There is joy in that too and loose style will help you appreciate that! You will become more adjusting and judgement free towards your own painting style.
  5. Improves imagination and exploration power as you enjoy the process rather than focusing on a desired outcome. This will help you in general also when you paint, art is all about having fun and feeling the joy it brings, simply let go of comparison and perfection and learn to be mindful.
  6. It gives you the freedom to play around with colors, brush strokes and techniques, making it a very therapeutic and stress free experience.

Materials you will need:

  • Watercolors
  • No. 8 round Brush
  • Cat tongue Brush No. 12
  • 100% Cotton Watercolor paper
  • Water Jars
  • Tissue

How to Paint Calming Loose Style Watercolor Roses in 5 Easy Steps3 Secrets to paint beautiful soft Roses

1- Forget the symmetry, work in an imperfect style!

2 – Paint with a very loose hand and calm mind.

3 – Enjoy the process rather than focusing on the outcome.

Find more tips in this FREE Guide!

Now lets move on to the tutorial!

Step 1- Choose your colors

Choose your colors wisely! Color s are very powerful! If you want to relax and calm your mind go for softer tones.

Why to Keep your palette limited?

keeping your color palette limited will help you stay grounded and stress free. Use colors that are directly available to avoid the stress of mixing and getting the same shade again and again.

Pink: Pink is a very nurturing and calming color, so it will be perfect for this relaxing exercise! Pink has a calming effect on emotions and can help one relax. Softness of pink promotes comfort and purity. It brings in feelings of joy, happiness and love.

Green: Green is a very soothing color. We all know how happy we feel when we see greenery and nature! It is a very calming and refreshing color. It is associated with energy, abundance and optimism!

Step 2- Paint the center

Once you choose your colors, start painting the center with free hand “C” shapes curves, start with dark pigment. Keep the shapes uneven and imperfect. keep your strokes very gentle and loose for a calming experience. keep you hand loose and very free when you paint. Don’t forget the white gap!

Step 3 – Adding the Petals

Wash the brush and spread the pink for the outer petals. again be very asymmetrical with petal shapes. Increase the size and make them broad as you keep moving outside. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and have fun! Just go with the flow instead of trying to control the color or shape. Continue leaving the white gap for these as well.

Step 4 – Add the Highlight

Add more paint for the highlights. Simply drop in darker pigment, work with wet on wet and notice how the color beautifully bleeds and blooms!

Step 5 – Add the Leaves

Practice simple brush strokes to paint easy leaves with the cat tongue brush. Pay attention to the color difference that occurs naturally! Enjoy the strokes and the freestyle leaves.

Paint Calming Watercolor Roses


I hope you enjoyed the beautiful and soft nature of loose style painting! Remember to enjoy the process rather that focusing on the outcome! Give this a try whenever you feel stressed out, overwhelmed or drained. Immerse yourself in this calming painting experience to feel stress free joy and comfort. Always remember art is supposed to be a fun and fulfilling experience, this can also act as a warm up exercise for you to prepare for your other painting projects. Immerse yourself in the word of lovely colors through this simple watercolor painting exercise! Want more tips? Grab this FREE guide HERE!

Or if you prefer video, here it is!

How to Paint Calming Loose Style Watercolor Roses in 5 Easy Steps
Do share your version with me, tag me on any social channel @bytheartbug and I would love to see and share your version!

How to Paint Calming Loose Style Watercolor Roses in 5 Easy Steps

Until next time,

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