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This is Megha Cassandra!

I am the Founder, Artist & Educator at byTheArtBug.
I help upcoming & existing Creatives through my Art classes & courses.
I believe in simplifying and making art fun for everyone and that’s how I teach it.
Expensive materials don’t make a good artist but the right techniques do! It is also my way of giving back what all I have learned in 25 plus years.

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Teaching is my passion & I can help YOU hop on a creative journey by simplifying and making it easy, fun & exciting for You!

Let's learn together!

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What people say about bytheartbug

I really love Megha's work and it's so creative and different that every time we see it we learn different things even my son loves her art classes which is so much fun and exciting..he loves to learn new craft every week.. congratulations Megha keep up the good work..

By Swati Priya

What I love about Megha and her work - is the absolute attention to detail in any of her products. She is a fabulous artist and her generosity of spirit not just in the way she engages her customer but in her work.

By Xena Prasad Thomas

Megha’s every artwork breathes life. Her designs, ideas and pattern are unique. The art and craft sessions conducted by Megha ma’am is awesome and exciting. She give individual attention to all her students and encourage the students as well. She teaches each and every details in painting. As a whole byTheArtBug rocks...

By Subhasri Barman

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This podcast is about my Art journey! I talk all about Art and how it has influenced my life to help me become calmer and a better person. How Art has helped me by building my positivity and confidence. Art is like therapy for me, when I was at my lowest point and was about to give up, my Art came for my rescue and helped me bounce back. I now want to share my ups and downs, my experiences and how I use Art to deal with life situations on an everyday basis with someone who wants to find comfort and joy through Art as therapy!

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